Why to choose Flex

This article below explains why one can use ActionScript to create RIAs.

If you compare the web applications with the desktop ones you can draw these points:

  • Web applications are cool because you can use them wherever you have a browser and an Internet connection. They have lower costs for distribution and maintenance because all you have to do is to update the server with the new version and all the clients are updated.
  • Desktop applications are cool because they offer great UI experience and at the same time are very responsive to the user actions.

Each of these two categories has its own strengths. Wouldn’t be cool to have a third category that combines the reachness and availability of web apps with the richness and responsivness of desktop apps? Actually this category already exists (since 2002 when Macromedia used for the first time this term) and it’s called Rich Internet Applications. With Flex you can build RIAs easily.

Besides, author mentions using PHP with Flex.

Flex is a client side technology; PHP is a server side technology. Both technologies are quite mature: you can find tools, frameworks and libraries, and articles/examples for any task or application type you might think of.

Both technologies are open, and both have the lowest entry point: your time to understand them. Using Flex or Adobe AIR SDK and PHP with vi doesn’t cost a thing, and the same is using the runtimes (Flash Player or Adobe AIR) and using a web server with PHP.

Why choose PHP and Flex

Finally, here is the Author’s blog: http://corlan.org/


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