What are you banned from? Why?

Answer by Carlos Matias La Borde:

Humans of New York's Facebook page.
I really liked the page. I liked, commented, and shared a lot of great stuff. If I remember right, one of my comments got up to 50K likes over there which was pretty cool at the time.
Anyways this one time there was this really touching story of this guy who had gone through some insane physical disabilities (like missing limbs and organs), and he could live a happy life and walk around on his own. He'd had like 49 cutting edge medical operations or something. It was seriously incredible. I had liked and shared it.
The top comment on it at the time was "God can do amazing things" or some generic thing like that. I replied to it "Well technically it was science." That was it. I was banned by what I assume must have been a super religious mod and that was the end of it.
Kind of a bummer.

What are you banned from? Why?


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