What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?

Answer by Steven N Czetli:

These are things that at one point or another surprised me:

  • Being nice can be self-defeating;
  • Surgeons make mistakes;
  • Best friends can become worst enemies;
  • Lawyers don't always do their best;
  • Not all mothers love their kids;
  • Some high school teachers have sexual fantasies about their students;
  • Charming people can be psychopaths;
  • Afrin nasal spray is addictive;
  • Most women enjoy sex;
  • Some women enjoy sex more than men;
  • Truthfulness is not always advisable;
  • Most people don't seek win/win solutions;
  • Some parents kill their children;
  • Beautiful women can be soul-sucking demons;
  • Parents make mistakes;
  • Parents become wiser as their children age;
  • It's possible to still enjoy kissing someone even after you've seen them vomit;
  • Society will let you die if you can not afford  life-saving medicine;
  • You can become competent at any sport with practice, except golf;
  • Innocent people are convicted of crimes;
  • U.S. Congressmen routinely put re-election ahead of national interests;
  • Prosecutors routinely oppose obviously innocent prisoners for their own career advancement;
  • Judges take bribes;
  • Police officers shoot unarmed civilians out of incompetence, anger; or fear;
  • Police commissioners are not like Frank Reagan;
  • Physicians can be drug peddlers and pedophiles;
  • Priests aren't always chaste;
  • Racism is viewed as politically incorrect, but persists.

What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?


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