What is the main difference between electrical and electronics?

Electrical is all about Generation (V), Transmission (I), Utilization (R), Measurement (V=IR & P=VI) and Manual Control (Switch /Regulator).

Electronics is all about Automatic Control (y = f(x)).  To implement the automatic control, in the initial days Vacuum Tubes were used, then Transistors were used. Now a days ICs are used in Electronics


    The relation between x (X1, X2, X3) and y (Y1, Y2, Y3) is called Electronics. You could use various components in between x & y. But all the components must be controlling electrons by electrons. If you involve magnetic components, then this system is called Electro-magnetics. If you involve mechanical components it is called electro-mechanical.

    The input x is electrical input and the output y is electrical output. If the input x and the output y varies from 0V – nV continuously then this electronics is called Analog Electronics. If the input x and the output y had discrete steps (normally 2) then this electronics is called Digital Electronics.

   So Electronics is all about controlling Electrons.

   Interestingly there are three types of ICs  ASIC, FPGA and Microprocessor.  After the invention of Microprocessor, Electronics is slowly moving towards software. Today majority Electronics is Software. Most of the ECE students still thinks electronics means circuits.

    In ICs there are two major types. Fixed IC and flexible ICs.

   Fixed ICs are called ASIC (Application Specific IC) which once manufactured can not be altered. The relation between input and output is fixed.

   In Flexible ICs there are two types. Configurable ICs and Programmable ICs.

   Configurable ICs are called PLD, CPLD and FPGA. These ICs can be configured any number of times. But while IC is in use, reconfiguration is not possible. But before using the IC Configuration must be done. Unfortunately these ICs were called PLD (Programmable Logic Devices), but these are actually "Configurable Logic Devices" (CLD).

   Programmable logic devices are called Microprocessor. The internal circuits are reconfigured every step based on the instruction (Opcode). Since these opcodes are executed sequentially these ICs are called programmable ICs

What is the main difference between electrical and electronics?


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