What makes a good electronics and communications engineer?

First, you should understand what is Electronics. This may sound silly. But try to explain to someone who does not know anything about electronics, without using the terms "Diode", "Transistor", "Circuit","IC", "Microprocessor". etc.

                  Second, Electronics is a branch of Electrical. So try to be strong in Electrical Fundamentals like Ohm's Law (V=IR), Power Law (P=VI). Once again do not mistake me,  when I interview the ECE students for Electronics Jobs more than 90% of ECE students do know how to use Ohm's law.

Simple Ohm's law question: What is the voltage at point B.


Simple Power law  question: What is the value of Current I.

                  Third, Understand the Basic Transistor Circuit. Find the value of Vo and change the value of Rc to 3K and find the value of Vo

                    Fourth, understand the Digital Circuit thoroughly from AND, OR,NOT gates to Microprocessors.

                    Fifth, Understand C language thoroughly.  It is a simple set of rules defined by Dennis Richie. You can master C language with in a shortest time.

                    Sixth, Master C programming skill. This is the most essential skill for the ECE students today. Without this skill you will find it difficult to enter into electronics core companies.

                    Seventh, Buy a Microcontroller kit and apply the C programming skill to do good electronic projects by yourself without copying a single line of code from net/book/friends.

These 7 steps will make  you to eligible get a job in Electronics Industry.

Try to understand that in Core Industries Basics is the KING. So always master the Basics.

Here is the Answer for the problems.

Ohm's law problem – 2V
Power law problem  – 0.5A
Basic Transistor Circuit Problem – 1.4V  (2K), 0V (3K)

All the best

What makes a good electronics and communications engineer?


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