As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier?

As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier? by @rajani_tanmay

Answer by Tanmay Rajani:

Ah! This is something I do on a regular basis. I always look forward to find a way to automate things which I have to/want to do but are repetitive in nature.

Let’s start with newest first!

  • April 2017: I’ve been addicted to StackOverflow platform lately. I've recently built a Messenger ChatBot that sends unread StackOverflow inbox and reputation changes to you.

    Motivation was to avoid needing to open app / website even now and then (from phone / desktop) to see whether your question got answered or answer got upvoted / accepted or whether someone replied to your question / answer.

    Stackb0t is live at (GitHub repo)

  • March 2017: At work, most of us need to fill timesheets on a regular basis. So, I built a timesheet filler script using a high-level browser automation library called nightmare. Though, script was meant for a particular timesheet webapp only (available on my GitHub tho!)
  • October 2016: I am a movie buff. I watch plenty of movies. But I had to google it (and than IMDb and all) every time I wanted to know about a movie.

    Solution? My first chatbot, Cinephi1e, it suggests movies, provides plot summary.. things like that. It uses a combination of TMDb and The Open Movie Database APIs to interact with you.

    Cinephi1e is live at (GitHub repo)

  • 2015: I used to follow a daily blog named F***ING HOMEPAGE. They used to post an image of the day which used to blow my mind everyday. So, I used to download the image almost everyday and have it as my desktop wallpaper. But, duh! That’s so boring and damn repetitive, no?

    Solution: Built a NodeJS app that scraps the blog, gets the image of the day and puts it into a Google Drive folder everyday.

    Next, I pointed my wallpaper directory on windows to this drive folder and boom! I had image of the day in my wallpaper rotation 🙂

    Though, my app is currently inactive, but here’s the collection of images it made during those days. And, GitHub repo.

    Also, one of my friends created A windows theme out the images collection.

  • 2014: There was a time, I was so addicted to Quora. I wanted to download some answers on my machine. So, I had built a chrome extension, Download Quora Answers, to have a download button on each answer/blog post we see on Quora.

    One of my friends had made a collection of amazing answers.

Answering again on Quora after long today.. Might have lost my charm 😀

Anyway, good to share my stuff which could be helpful to others.

Peace! 🙂

As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier?


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